Sport Facility Management

Επιμέλεια: Καρανίκος Ιωάννης 
Sport Management Consultant 

Managing a sport and recreation facility can be a
difficult and time consuming task. This information
sheet provides advice and information to assist
sport and recreation clubs and organisations to
better manage their facilities. It covers planning
and operational principles that encourage increased
use of facilities.

The degree to which organisations will be able to
adopt these principles will depend on many factors,
including who owns the facility, and whether it is a
multi-use facility. Organisations that are aware of
the most efficient and equitable ways to manage
sport and recreation facilities have a greater ability
to control the use of their facility, or to influence
the people who control the facilities they use

Tourism Services Greece: 

What is meant by a facility?

Facilities include areas that are constructed or
maintained to allow people to participate in sport
and recreation activities, such as a pool, gym or
oval, as well as any structures that support people
involved in sport and recreation, such as a change
room, canteen, grandstand or scoreboard.
A facility can be a large multi-use centre with
playing surfaces catering for different activities, or it
may be a small hall or room catering for one

specific activity.

Principles of facility management

Most sport and recreation facilities, whether
community based or commercially focused, have
the same general management goals: maximising
the use of their facility and operating in an efficient,
safe and fair manner. To achieve these goals
numerous factors need to be considered, including:
• access and opportunities
• quality, safety and sustainability
• multiple-use or sharing.

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